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Some legislation may be inaccessible due to loss of archives.



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(C2) Founding Articles of Hiyamashū
This is the 1st Constitution of January 2019.


Historical Legislation


Previously Amended Legislation

Previous Constitutions

Legislation Codes

(H-), Standard Legislation

This refers to a standard legislation. Legislation that do that possess any special functionality other than the ones stated in them.

(S-), Supplementary Legislation

This refers to legislation that is meant to be an "add-on" to an existing standard legislation.

(C-), Constitution

(A), Amendment

This will be appended behind any legislation that is amended and followed by reference number. However, this will not be reflected in documents that refer to said legislation.

(M-), Mandate

Mandates are not legislation as they are policies put in place by the First Minister. They do not expire but can be abolished by any sitting First Minister.

The number is the reference code.

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