Hiyamashū Central Assembly Act (H7)

An act to establish the legislative body of Hiyamashū and to unify both First Council and People's Council.

Legislation Information

This document was published on 2nd May 2019 (2019年5月2日).

Bill drafted on 27th April 2019 (2019年4月27日).

Approved on 1st May 2019 (2019年5月1日).

Effect on 2nd May 2019 (2019年5月2日).


The Emperor:
His Majesty, Emperor Kakumei



First Minister:
The Honorable, First Minister Kure Yukishie




Part 1: Establishment & Functions of Central Assembly

§1: The Central Assembly

§1.1: The Central Assembly

  1. The Central Assembly shall be the highest organ of state power, and shall be the sole law-making organ of the State.
  2. It shall consist of elected members, representative of all the people.
  3. It should make laws in the interest of the region and to protect the sovereignty of the region.

§1.2: Membership

  1. The number of members in the assembly shall be fixed to eleven.
  2. Five of which is the First Council, including the First Minister.
  3. Six of which are not part of the First Council and are in a political party or as an independent.

§1.3: Appointment

  1. Members shall be appointed by direct vote via elections.

§1.4: Term Limits

  1. The term of office of members of the assembly shall be two months. However, the term shall be terminated before the full term is up in the case where the assembly is dissolved.

§1.5: Passing of Laws

  1. A bill becomes law when there is a majority in the assembly.

Part 2: Repeal

§1: Standard Legislation

§1.1: Abolishment of H3

  1. H3 shall be repealed.

§1.2: Abolishment of H5 & H6

  1. H5 and H6 are no longer required as its dependency, H3, shall be repealed.

§2: Constitution

§2.1: Amend C1, §7

  1. §7 shall remove all references in regards to the First Council being a part of parliament.
  2. The First Council shall solely serve the purpose of being the cabinet of the First Minister.

§2.2: Abolishment of C1, §8

  1. C1, §8 shall be abolished.

§2.3: Changes

  1. All references to entities stipulated by C1, §8 in C1 and all Standard Legislation(s) shall now reference The Central Assembly instead of said entities.
  2. Part 1 shall replace C1, §8 in C1 with respective Section numbers and reference numbers.